Information about this inspection

Inspectors visited 33 lessons or part lessons taught by 32 teachers. Seven of these lessons were observed jointly with senior leaders.

Inspectors checked the school’s arrangements for safeguarding children and for child protection. Meetings were held with the headteacher, senior leaders, subject leaders, the special educational needs co-ordinator and her deputy, school governors, the school improvement adviser employed by the school and members of staff responsible for attendance, safeguarding checks, site safety and security and child protection. A telephone conversation took place with a representative of the local authority.

Inspectors talked to students from all year groups during the course of the inspection and met with groups of students from Years 7 and 10 to listen to their views about aspects of school life.

Students’ work was looked at in all lessons and inspectors undertook a further scrutiny of the work produced by students in science.A small group of Year 7 students read to an inspector and talked about their progress in literacy.

The views of 31 parents who completed the on-line survey (Parent View) were considered.

Staff views were taken into account from the 56 questionnaires that were completed during the inspection and from conversation that took place during the inspection.

Inspectors observed the work of the school and looked at information about students’ progressand attainment. The school’s own evaluation of its progress was considered alongside records of its planning for improvement. Inspectors looked at the provision made for staff training and considered evidence about the management of staff performance and arrangements for making decisions about teachers’ pay. A range of policy documents were looked at and the school’s website was checked to make sure it contained all of the information that it should.