Crestwood School Aptitude Workshops Application


 Crestwood drama department encourage pupils to further develop and expand their knowledge of the subject through participating in activities outside of lessons. Each year Crestwood invites pupils of all key stages to take part in the school musical. Last year saw a roaring success of the production ‘Our House’ and this year the department are thrilled to perform ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ which will debut a professionally hired set, state of the art headset microphones and sound as well as new tiered seating for the audience.

Pupils also have the opportunity to be part of Crestwood’s annual C-Fest which proudly displays the school’s talents across the arts. Furthering this, a KS3 drama club is run in the summer term which performs a ‘One Night Only’ showcase of both scripted and devised work surrounding a chosen theme each year.

In order to fully prepare KS4 students for their practical examinations, they are required to perform a preview night in which the pupils can invite their family and friends to view the final outcome of months of rehearsals. Year 9 pupils who plan to continue the subject are advised to attend to gain a clear insight to the expectations and standards of the GCSE course.

In addition to this Crestwood also organises several theatre trips per year such as ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘The Woman in Black’ and ‘Matilda’. As a department, we recognise that live performance is a vital and inspiring element to the subject of drama.


Extracurricular clubs and activities in Music include:

Musical Production rehearsals
Whole School Choir
Invictus Choir
Keyboard club
Rock Band
Chamber Group

We have a number of school bands that perform at a number of school events throughout the year, our flagship event is the annual musical festival C – Fest, a show not to be missed!!

The Music Department is open before school, every break and lunchtime, and after school for students to rehearse and practise on the instruments.


Dance is an afterschool enrichment here the students come to have fun and experience different styles of dance. They dance and choreograph to various styles such as contemporary, street and gymnastics. It is purely done for enjoyment and entertainment, which is then sometimes taken out to the public or local competitions

We have weekly after school dance session which is available to both boys and girls. Students get to experience different styles of dance. They dance and choreograph various styles such as contemporary, street and rhythmic gymnastics, activities that don’t form part of our curriculum. Students can explore an enthusiasm for dance on all levels, our after school dance programme allows students enjoy dance, learn a new skill, keep fit and meet new friends, on occasions students have requested they enter local or regional dance competitions which we always facilitate.

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