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Click here to see the presentation delivered by our Careers coordinator Miss Mulvey. Some great advice that will help you connect your options to your future!

Our Careers Policy

A young person’s career is their pathway through learning and work. All young people need a planned programme of activities to help them make 14-19 choices which are right for them and to enable them to have the necessary skills to be able to manage their careers throughout their lives. Schools have a statutory duty to provide careers education in Years 7-11 and to give students access to careers information, advice and guidance.

Aims and Commitment of CEIAG

Crestwood School is committed to providing a planned programme of careers education for all students in Years 7-11 under the heading of ‘Future Zone’. Support for students will include information, advice and guidance in partnership with the local Connexions Service and external providers/ professionals.

Crestwood School endeavours to follow the National Framework for CEIAG for 11-19 year olds in England, Quality Standards for Young People’s IAG and current good practice guidelines DCSF IAG Strategy, DCSF Principles of Impartial Careers Education and other relevant guidance from QCA, Ofsted and the BCQA Standards.

At Crestwood School our careers’ mission statement aims for all students to:-

 successfully enter Employment, Education or Training (EET) at the right level, after leaving Crestwood School

 have the opportunity to complete a Work Experience Programme

 have knowledge and understanding of current careers opportunities available to them as an individual through Future Zone events, PSHE lessons or external agencies

 be aware of international opportunities re: EET

The CEIAG Policy supports and is underpinned by key school policies including those for teaching and learning, assessment, recording and reporting achievement, citizenship, PSHE, work related learning and enterprise, equal opportunities and diversity, health and safety, gifted and talented and special needs. All these can be found on the Crestwood School internal R drive. All information is available to learners, staff, partners, governors and parents/carers through the school’s website, Crestmag and literature available at Parents’ Evenings. CAIAG2014

Objectives of CEIAG

The careers programme (Future Zone) is designed to meet the needs of all students at Crestwood School. It is differentiated and personalised to ensure the progression through activities which are appropriate to students’ stages of career learning, planning and development.

Students are entitled to careers education, information, advice and guidance which meet professional standards of practice and are person-centred, impartial and confidential. It will be integrated into students’ experience of the whole curriculum and be based on a partnership with teachers, students and their parents or carers. The programme will promote equality of opportunity, inclusion and anti-racism; it will comply with the disability and discrimination acts, celebrate diversity and challenge stereotypes.

Implementation of CEIAG

Responsibility for CEIAG within Crestwood School lies with the Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance Work Related Learning and Enterprise Co-ordinator, who is responsible to the Assistant Head teacher for Teaching and Learning and the Head teacher. Crestwood School Governors support CEIAG by the link Governor who is also the Chair.

Work experience is planned and implemented by the Work Experience Co-ordinator.

Crestwood Year 10 Work Experience


During Year 10 students complete a one week Work Experience placement, usually of their own choosing. If a placement is found by the Work Experience Coordinator in school then students are ‘interviewed’ individually by Mrs Stringfellow and their interests are taken into account when placements are sourced from local employers.

Crestwood students are supported in the scheme by Dudley EBP (Education Business Partnership) who provides a borough wide database of companies that have been checked for Health & Safety and the relevant insurances etc. This process involves EBP qualified staff completing ‘on-site’ visits to EVERY workplace to ensure the safety of our students whilst they are on their placement.


 to give students an insight (often a very useful one) into the workplace environment and how to interact with people of different levels of authority

 assists with planning for post 16 options and career paths

 reinforces the importance of a good education


The Crestwood School usually operate the scheme in the last weeks of the Summer Term every year but preparation for it goes on throughout the year with assemblies and Form time discussions.

Examples of careers supported by WE:

 Animal Work

 Horticulture/Environment

 Hair & Beauty

 Health & Social Work

 Child-Care

 Leisure/Tourism/Sport

 Business

 Legal/Finance

 Construction & Associated Trades

 Retail

 Admin

 Public Administration/Defence etc (Inc all uniform services)

 Transport/Vehicle Sales & Repairs

 Wooden Products Manufacture

 Manufacturing

 Science

 IT/Design

The Careers Co-ordinator is responsible for the planning, co-ordination, implementation and management of the CEIAG and WRL programme, materials, resources and opportunities.

All staff contribute to careers education, information, advice and guidance through their roles as Form Tutors and subject teachers. Specialist sessions are delivered by external providers and the PSHE team.

Careers information is available in the Future Zone areas (MUSE and school Hub)

The careers programme includes:

 Connextions weekly sessions to support targeted individuals

 Year 9, 10 ,11 parents evenings including regular careers fair at Yr9/11 events

 Future Zone events – e.g. whole school careers fair including parents and carers

 careers education sessions, delivered through enrichment days, collapsed timetable days, discrete PSHE sessions and during tutor time

 career guidance activities (group work and individual activities)

 information and research activities (in the school Hub and through the Internet)

 work related learning (optional one week of work experience opportunities)

 individual learning and planning activities


 enterprise activities through enrichment days and visits

 labour market information and skill development to enable learners to discover information individually

Careers lessons are delivered during allocated PSHE lessons throughout key stages 3 and 4. Other focused events such as educational road shows are provided. Work experience preparation and de-brief take place in other appropriate parts of the curriculum.

Monitoring, review and evaluation

Links are being constantly maintained and developed further with local colleges of Further Education, Dudley EBP, the Black Country Training Group, the 14-19 Development Team from the Directorate of Children’s Services, local links from long term work placement providers, Higher Education institutions, the Armed Forces, the NHS Trust and the community sector.

We offer:

  • Independent one to one careers guidance meetings for sixth form students with regards to their post 18 options (university, higher and further education, apprenticeships, employment and gap years), as well as mock interviews in preparation for future career pathways.

  • Advice, information and personal support to all students about decision making and their future direction, specifically:

    • Those in Year 11 who are thinking about their post 16 options (sixth form, college, apprenticeships and employment)

    • Year 8/9’s with their options choices

    • Those in year 12/13 who are not considering university

  • A ‘drop-in’ at breaktime and lunchtime for any student to come and ask questions about any education or career area, or any help they may require in overcoming barriers to their goals.