Crestwood CONNECT


Team Leader


Scott Kenwrick – Class of 2011

My job as team leader is to ensure the facilities are ready for community use, making sure customers are happy while they are on site using the facilities and ensuring the school is ready for school use in the morning. I also manage the CONNECT Team, lock up the school after all customers have left and I have become more involved in the financial aspect of CONNECT by producing the monthly invoices for our customers.

To ensure the facilities are ready for community use, myself and the rest of the team must ready any equipment that the customer requires, make sure the facility they will be using is clear of lost property and litter and in general make the area look its best. Once the customer has finished with the facility, we must then put any equipment used back in storage, put any lost property and litter away and make sure the area is ready for school the following morning. To help me do this, we employ a number of sixth form students who work hard to complete all of the above tasks every day. These Team Supervisors and Team Members all started out as year 11 students helping CONNECT on a voluntary basis, and have now all proven themselves time and again to be excellent and hard-working members of the team. We also have several voluntary year 11 members of our team who give up a night of their time each week to help the team get everything done. I can only hope that the next group of CONNECT Team Members will be as hard working as the current CONNECT Team!

Assistant Team Leader

Lewis Richards – Class of 2014

CONNECT Team Supervisors

Dani Shearwood – Class of 2015


Tom Bedworth – Class of 2015

Katie Miller – Class of 2015


Ben Browne – Class of 2016

Tom Churchman – Class of 2016

CONNECT Team Members

Charlotte Turley – Class of 2015

Jamie Hall – Class of 2016

Kaitlin Jessop – Class of 2016

Emily Bywater – Class of 2015


Jordan Taylor – Class of 2016

CONNECT Voluntary Team Members

Rebecca Shaw – Class of 2017

Andrea Chinyanga – Class of 2016

Shannon Marsh – Class of 2016


Harriet Mazur – Class of 2017

Ellie Harthill – Class of 2017

Brandon Whitehouse – Class of 2016

Cameron Gordon – Class of 2016