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Year 10 will be notified shortly of their examination dates if applicable. All students will receive an individual timetable closer to the examination period. Please note that the examinations are colour coded to KS4 and KS5 


After 5 years of hard work and dedication at Crestwood, it’s time to take your final exams. We know this can be a very stressful time for both students, parents and carers, so here is some information and guidance.

If you have any questions relating to your son/daughters examinations such as dates, timetables, results or revision, please contact our Examinations Officer by email on:

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GCSE Grading System

EXAM Information and Guidance

Where will I take my exams?

• The majority of exams will be sat in the gym or the hub.
• Other exam rooms will be scheduled for exams where additional resources will be required, e.g.
film clips, audio clips, etc.
• Subject teachers and the affected students will be informed in due course of these specific
alternative rooms.


• If your timetable says that an exam is in an AM session, it is due to begin at 9.00am. Please be
waiting outside your exam location at least 10 minutes before it is due to start.
• If your timetable says that an exam is in a PM session, it is due to begin at 2.00pm. Please be waiting
outside your exam location at least 10 minutes before it is due to start.


If you are waiting to enter an exam room, please follow the teachers instructions to queue quietly in the order of the seating plan (E.g Everyone in column A lines up nearest the exam room door, with everyone in column B in the next queue.)
• Disruptions that delay the start of an exam, may have to be reported to the exam board. This could effect
any further exams during that day.
• As soon as you are allowed into the exam room, you are expected to be under exam conditions. Please refrain from speaking to other students, and stand behind your allocated seat until told by invigilators to sit down.
• Any behaviour that is seen by the invigilators to constitute “malpractice”, is required to be reported to the exam boards. It is at their discretion whether they choose to accept any of your exam papers for Summer 2018


• You should follow invigilators instructions at all times within the exam room.
• You must not communicate with any other students within the exam room.
• There will be a clock in each exam room so you can see how long you have left, there will also
be each exams information displayed clearly.


• You should fill in the front section of your answer booklet when instructed to by invigilators.
Please enter your name and candidate number as they appear on your timetable and centre
number which is displayed on the board situated at the front of the exam room.
• Additional answer sheets/booklets will be available upon request from the invigilators. At the
end of the exam, please use the provided treasury tags to secure these all together and ensure
that your name and details are all displayed clearly.


All Candidates are expected to bring their own equipment to their exams, including the following:
• Black ballpoint pens
• A clear plastic ruler
• Pencils (if required)
• A rubber (if required)
• A scientific calculator (if required)
• A clear pencil case
• Water bottle (clear, without a label)
• A highlighter (for certain exams, to only be used on the question paper, NOT the answer booklet)



• All students are expected to arrive for their exams in full, correct Crestwood Uniform. Not
arriving in uniform will affect how you are able to sit your exam.


• No food should be eaten in the exam room, any packed lunches should be kept in your bag at
the front of the hall.
• Only water can be taken into an exam, this must be in a clear plastic bottle with NO label.


•All phones are to be turned OFF and handed in to the invigilator at the start of the exam.
• No watches of any kind are to be worn in the exam room, these are to be left in your bag or
handed in upon entering the exam room.
• No iPads or laptops are to be taken into the exam unless given express permission by the


• Speaking with other students after the exam has begun.
• Copying another students work in the exam.
• Using any form of unauthorised technology during an exam.
• Taking subject notes into an exam with you.

This list is not exhaustive and there are many other forms of malpractice.
If an exam board believes that a candidate is guilty of malpractice, they may take action to
disqualify all of that candidates exam entries.


•What happens if you arrive late to your exam?
If you arrive late, please sign in at attendance and a member of staff will escort you to sit your
• What happens if you’re unwell and unable to sit your exam?
If you are unable to sit your exam due to illness, please follow the normal procedure by
telephoning the school attendance number. Evidence of illness would be required, such as a
doctors note or hospital note otherwise the exam entry is automatically disqualified.
• What happens if there’s something going on outside of school that I feel will affect
my exams?
Please contact your Head of Year or Form Tutor as soon as possible and they will speak to the
Exams Officer to see if there’s any support you can be given.