Year 11 Presentation Evening


Monday 25th September saw the launch of a week of celebrating last years success. The evening was hosted by Mr. Boerm, there was a fantastic performance of ‘Skid Row’ to kick off the evening before Miss Lowe presented a vast array of awards to her year group.

We are now looking forward to the other year groups over the coming nights!


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Class of 2017 Results Day

Congratulations to the class of 2017, we have enjoyed a fantastic morning handing out results to what have been a wonderful year group!

Some incredible individual attainment. All of which was hard earned and well deserved.

Another year of improvement in the amount of students achieving a level 4/Grade C or above in 5 subjects, including English and Maths.

A significant increase in the amount of students receiving A/A* equivalent in English and Maths, over 30 students received a level 7-9 in English or Maths.

66% of students received a level 4  or above (Grade C equivalent) in English, a 5% increase year on year

50% students achieved a Level 4 in English and Maths, 28% achieved a level 5 in English and Maths!

Honourable mentions for Taylor Perks, Lucie Dolphin and Thomas Williams for achieving an average score of level 7/Grade A across all subjects entered!

There is a full gallery of photographs from the morning available on the school Facebook page

Pictured Below (Left to Right):

Tom and Tony Williams open their results, both boys are in the top ten students in the year group for average score per subject

Rachelle Hammond, Ruman Rai, Chloe Westwood, Demi Westwood, Callum Jackson-Tait, Lucie Dolphin, Taylor Perks and Kayleigh Boyce amongst a group of high achievers (top 10% of year group – some students not available for photograph)

Our 3 highest performing girls, Taylor, Lucie and Kayleigh pose with their fantastic results

A Level Results Success!

Well done to all of our students collecting their A level Results today! 100% of those who applied to university are attending their chosen University and course in September 2017!

Well done!


CrestMag Out Now!

The summer edition of our school magazine, CrestMag, arrived in school yesterday – a copy has been distributed to lower school (7, 8 & 9), Years 10 & 11 and everyone else can view their copy online. There are lots of amazing stories detailing student achievements and activities. It’s not to be missed!

View a copy here!


Sports Day Highlights

Check out our video compilation which has been expertly put together by our Creative Media Assistant, Mr Bedworth. A fantastic day hosted by the PE department. Full article to follow in CrestMag as well as a gallery on our Facebook page.

West Midlands Schools Athletics Championships – Libby-Ann Davies

We reported last month that Libby had finished second in the Dudley Schools Athletic Championships Long Jump….

Well on Saturday 10th June Libby competed against other qualifiers from all schools in the West Midlands at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham!

Libby finished a respectable 7th place and had a great day!

It was worth noting that Libby had been practicing, in her own time, all week and had a personal best jump of 3.80m, on the day Libby’s biggest jump was 3.60m, her PB would have put her in the TOP 3!!!

It might sound strange mentioning this but it’s good to learn what pressure can do to you and how it can affect performance, both sporting and academic. Libby has learnt this at a very early stage in her school life and I’m CERTAIN she will benefit from the experience next time she encounters pressure, whether it be exams, tests or other sporting competitions. It proved to be a good couple of days for Libby who had, on Friday 9th June, been awarded Student of the Half Term by her Head of Year, Miss Hatton.

Well done Libby, we are all very proud of you!!!

Libby Long Jum Alexander Stadium

Food Glorious Food – Welcome to Crest Central!!!!!

Congratulations go out to Alex Grazier of 8Di who successfully named the new Crestwood dining experience. His entry ‘Crest Central’ was successfully picked out from 174 separate entries, and is now in pride of place. Crestwood students love both the new name and the new food options. Well done again Alex!

Crest Central

Crestwood Students Visit Worcester University

On 17th May 2017 Ms. Barnbrook accompanied 16 Crestwood Students on a visit to Worcester University.

Below you can read some accounts of the day from Ms. Barnbrook and a selection of students.

Despite the heavy rain and the mini bus steaming up due to excited students, the whole group had an enjoyable day meeting the Tutors, exploring the campus, discovering a wide range of courses on offer. It was a pleasure to see all students getting involved with the question time getting the most out of their day. I am proud of how they represented Crestwood and made the most of the experience. Well done Crestwood. Ms Barnbrook

My experience at Worcester University was exciting and very enjoyable. I have been given a chance to look at the university and decide on my options that I choose in year nine, to gain the best qualification for college which will lead to university. The day trip answered all my questions such as – What courses are available? Do I have to pay? If so how much is it? Overall it was a great experience.

By Taylor Massey.

My experience at the University was fun and full of good information about the future, helping me to decide what’s best for me, when I choose a university. I also looked at the courses that are now on offer and how I can get the best out of my current education, to get me where I would like to be in the future, overall it was an enjoyable day..

Year 8 Student

I enjoyed my time at Worcester University it was a very valuable trip and we all learnt about becoming a student at Worcester University from cost, accommodation, friendships and courses. We had a small tour even though it rained the whole time, it was still enjoyable. I’m glad I went and I am definitely thinking about my future.

By Mollie Sanders.

My experience at the University was positive, I have learnt a lot from how much it costs, I could do a part-time job in between my learning. The subjects on offer allow you lots of opportunities from trips abroad, field trips and work experience. The whole day was enjoyable and I learnt a lot about Uni life on campus.

By Jolin Slater

When I went to the open day at Worcester University, I really enjoyed it. The staff were really friendly, the canteen was very nice and the food on offer. I got to learn about life on the campus and the accommodation for students, what type of room s they have on offer. It has helped me to think more about my options and begin to build on my future.

By Charlie Hampson