University of Birmingham Visit

University of Birmingham Visit 

Mr Knowles, Miss Read and Mrs Sibley had the pleasure of taking 48 Year 10s to the University of Birmingham as part of Crestwood’s more able programme. Pupils started off the day by taking part in a last man standing game where pupils were quizzed on their knowledge of university, followed by a talk on the importance of GCSEs.  

Next up was a tour of the University grounds by current undergraduate students who were able to give an insight in to university life at Birmingham. After a quick lunch, a game of course Pictionary opened the eyes of all pupils to the wide variety of traditional and niche course on offer at Birmingham. Finally, pupils were able to ask all the important questions regarding student finance, settling in to university, accommodation and courses to a group of current student.   

The visit gave pupils a fantastic experience to see a local Russell Group university, promoted the importance of GCSEs and encouraged pupils to think and discuss their future plans. It was amazing to see so many pupils talking about their future career plans and their determination to do well at school.  

Cambridge University Visit

Cambridge University Visit

A group of 15 high flying Year 10 pupils were part of the Invictus educational visit to Cambridge University. The visit started off with a talk on the wide variety of courses on offer at Cambridge, before moving on the importance of GCSEs and A-Levels. Pupils were then treated to a guided tour of Girton College by current university students and were able to ask questions about day to day student life. After a short lunch, pupils entered Cambridge to be given a tour of the other colleges in Cambridge, including a chance to see the famous Mathematical Bridge.  The visit was extremely beneficial to all pupils, giving them an insight in to what options they can choose in the future. 

Head Girl & Head Boy Announced

We are pleased, proud and excited to announce that our Head Girl and Head Boy for 2019/2020 academic year are Saman Batool and Darius Holder!

The toughest choice in recent years given the amount of talented leaders we have in our current Year 10.

A list of prefects and senior prefects will follow shortly.

Crestwood Visit the Black Country Living Museum

A group of year 8, students have been reading the book:

Martha’s Story – The girl who broke her chains”

The book is based on real events that took place in the Midlands just over a century ago; it uses the diary of an 11-year-old girl to bring to life the experiences of working class children of that time.

Year 8 students had an opportunity to visit the Black Country Living Museum to see how life was back in Martha’s time. Students could see chain making in action (which Martha was learning at the age of 11). Students really got a feel for the book and wanted to know more about how Martha would have lived almost a century ago. Year 8 visited the school of Martha’s time and they were shocked at how they were taught all those years ago, nothing like school today!

Visiting the buildings around Martha’s time and learning that they had no electricity, computers or TV   was shocking for some of our students. They came away experiencing how Martha lived, shopped and worked which all added to a wonderful experience, of reading this book.  

Well done to those students they were a credit to Crestwood.

Miss Barnbrook

Crestwood Staff Raise Money for Cancer Research

Four members of staff at Crestwood School have bravely signed up for Cancer Research UK’s ‘Great Golf Challenge’

The 4 staff members in question already have their work cut out convincing everyone that this actually is a challenge and that it is not ‘any excuse to play golf!’

On the 15th June 2019 Mr Boerm, Mr Chatterley, Mr Dowd and Mr Lopez will attempt to play 4 games of golf in one day. The stats of the challenge are that they will cover over 20 miles and hit the ball between 300 (Mr Chatterley) & 400 (Mr Dowd) times, hopefully(!?), taking around 16 hours to complete the challenge.

Rules state that buggies are not to be used, golf trolleys are frowned upon, (Mr Dowd/Mr Chatterley) and each of the 72 holes must be completed by all 4 players. The Crestwood team will tee off at 530am and hope to complete the challenge before they run out of daylight just before 10pm.

The challenge will be attempted at Perton Golf Club who have shown fantastic support by donating the tee times to our cause, over £320 worth of golf! We are very much appreciative of the support shown by Jeremy and the team and want to ensure we justify their support by raising heaps of money for a fantastic cause!

You can sponsor Team Crestwood at the following link:

Year 11 May Half Term Revision

Half Term Revision

Tuesday 28th      History – KRE  10.00 – 16.00

Thursday 30th    English Set 3 – CDU 10.00 – 12.30

English – SNA 10.00 – 12.00

Friday 31st           Psychology – LDR 10.00 -14.00

                                Science – MWI 10.00 – 12.00

Mr Rollason Goes Plastic Free!

Globally we have an issue with waste plastic, polluting land and oceans all over the world, the impact on environment and food chains is becoming more and more obvious in our everyday lives. Recent studies found plastic debris inside 150 Europeans, which was every one that was tested!

In order to promote and support the reduction in plastic use and educate students, staff and parents on our over reliance on plastics Mr Rollason, our Head of Year 11, is going PLASTIC FREE for the entire month of May!

Mr Rollason will be posting regular updates throughout his plastic free journey. The month will be launched during his assemblies this week with all year groups, a follow up assembly will follow at the end of the month.

Mr Rollason hopes to influence his colleagues, our students and parents to reduce plastic use, regular updates and best plastic practice will be provided on our social media platforms throughout the month!

Free Breakfast for Crestwood Students

We are excited to announce that from Tuesday 7th May Crestwood students will have access to a FREE breakfast in school!

We are able to offer this thanks to our application to become part of the National School Breakfast Programme.

Our successful application means that breakfast bagels will be available in Crest Central every morning from Monday to Friday.