School Life

Mr Bowles Headteacher
Mrs Sutton Deputy Headteacher / Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Boerm Assistant Headteacher / PE
Mrs Carroll-Grigg Assistant Headteacher / Head of Sixth Form / Head of Art & Design
Mr Naujeer Assistant Headteacher / Head of Year 9 / English
Mr Smith Assistant Headteacher / Head of Design & Technology
Mr Thompson Assistant Headteacher / Maths
Mrs Allardice Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Miss Baker Literacy Co-ordinator / Learning Support
Miss Bradshaw Head of Drama
Mr Chatterley Head of Year 7 / Numeracy Co-ordinator
Mr Dowd Head of Computing / Careers Coordinator
Mrs Dudgon SENCO / Learning Support
Mr Evans Head of PE
Mr Fisher Pastoral Manager
Miss Hall Head of English
Miss Hatton Head of Year 8 / PE / Director of Sport
Mrs Jones Head of Maths
Ms Lowe Head of Year 11 / Humanities – History
Mr Rollason Head of Year 10 / Science
Mr Sweeney Head of Performing Arts
Mrs Tingley Lead Teacher of the Deaf
Mr Watts Head of Humanities – RE/History
Mr Wilkinson Head of Science
Mrs Boddy Modern Foreign Languages / Business Studies
Mrs Boerm English
Mrs Bradley Humanities – Geography
Miss Canadine Cover Supervisor
Mr Carine Humanities – Geography
Miss Dredge Psychology
Mrs Durnall English
Miss Evans Second in English / Key Stage 3 Coordinator
Miss Ellis PE
Mrs Foy Health and Social
Mr Grossett Science
Mr Harris Science
Mr Harrison Computing
Mrs Hart Maths
Miss Heathcote English
Mrs Heynes Design & Technology
Mrs Humpage Second in PE
Mr Johnson English
Mr Kemp PE
Mrs Kemp MFL
Mr Knowles Maths
Mrs Lander Science
Miss Lester Modern Foreign Languages
Miss Martin Art
Mrs Mehan Maths
Miss Mitchell Art / Child Development
Miss Morris Cover Supervisor
Mrs Oestreich Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Perry Design & Technology
Miss Read Second in Humanities – History
Mrs Robinson Maths
Mrs Rutter Second in Design & Technology
Miss Shakespeare English
Mr Walton Second in Maths
Mrs Willett Second in Science
Miss Barnbrook Learning Support Teaching Assistant
Mr Barrington-Earp Site Manager
Mrs Baskerville Site Team
Mr Batty Learning Mentor
Mr Bedworth Apprentice Performing Arts & Media
Mr Billingham Invictus ICT Support
Mrs Bishop Site Team
Mrs Bradbury Listen and Learn Centre
Mrs Brooks Senior Science Technician
Miss Bullock Site Team
Mrs Burrows Reprographics Officer
Mrs Carpenter Hub Manager
Mrs Chapman Headteacher’s PA
Miss Collins Site Team
Mrs Cook Learning Support Teaching Assistant
Mrs Cowley Site Team
Mrs Cross Learning Support Teaching Assistant
Mrs Crump Site Team
Mrs Davies Listen and Learn Centre
Mrs Dunkley Receptionist
Miss Dunsmore Site Team
Mrs Ferguson Site Team
Mrs Fisher Site Team
Mr Fisher Pastoral Manager
Mr Golder Grounds Maintenance / Site Team
Mrs Goodman Student Support Centre
Mrs Griffiths HLTA
Miss Grove Site Team
Mrs Harper Learning Support Teaching Assistant
Mrs Harris Learning Support Teaching Assistant
Mr Hiscox Design & Technology Technician
Mrs Holdnall Site
Miss Holland Finance Assistant
Mrs Howard Learning Support Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hughes Listen and Learn Centre
Miss Jones Admin / WEX Co-ordinator / Exams Co-ordinator
Mr Jordan Business & Marketing Director
Mr Kenwrick Crestwood Connect Team Leader
Mrs Mundy Listen and Learn Centre
Mrs Parke Receptionist
Mr Richards Crestwood CONNECT Assistant Team Leader
Mrs Roberts Design & Technology Technician
Miss Shearwood Apprentice / Lab Technician
Mrs Sibley HLTA
Mrs Siviter School Administrator – Data
Mrs Tarr Catering Manager
Mrs Thompson Attendance Officer
Miss Trevis Student Services Officer
Mrs Walters Learning Support Teaching Assistant
Mrs Westwood Finance Officer
Miss White Inclusion Manager
Mr Wilkes Site Team
Mrs Wilson Learning Support Teaching Assistant