School Life


You can purchase all school uniform from Totally Uniform
Unit 2 Park Street, Kingswinford, West Midlands, DY6 9LX


The following items are acceptable:
Small studs or sleepers – one in each ear
One signet ring or similar
One Watch


  • Skirt Black skirt of reasonable length (Knee length – extremes of fashion will not be accepted)
  • Trousers Standard black trousers may be worn. These should be of the style provided by the school stockist, no leggings or cuffed ankles.
  • Makeup Must be discreet


  • Black standard trousers available from: Totally Uniform, 2 Park Street, Kingswinford and A. Oakes Ltd., Churchill Precinct, Dudley

PE Kit

Existing students were asked to upgrade their current kit as and when they replaced individual items either due to wear and tear or new size.

Girls & Boys

  • Navy & Maroon PE top
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Navy socks
  • Navy blue swimming trunks navy blue swimming costume
  • Football boots
  • Shin pads
  • Trainers
  • Towel
  • Crestwood tracksuit top (recommended but not compulsory)

Crestwood School PE kit is available solely from:

The Sports Shop, High St Kingswinford. 

Other Equipment

The following items must be in the possession of all students:

  • Pen/Pencil Case
  • Pen, Pencil, Rubber, Ruler, Crayons
  • Calculator
  • Homework Diary
  • All the books and equipment required for that day PE/Games Kit on the day you have these subjects School Bag
  • All of these items, including your school uniform, needs to be marked clearly with your name. LOCKERS are available for students. Information will be available in September.

Compulsory Items Available From
Maroon blazer with badge Totally Uniform
Shirt / Blouse Trutex, mid blue (no fashion shirts). Most Good Retailers
School Tie Boys and Girls will be required to wear a school tie. Crestwood School
Pullover Navy blue with Crestwood School insignia or plain navy blue v-necked pullover Most Good Retailers
Socks Plain navy, grey, maroon. Most Good Retailers
Shoes Plain all black shoes or trainers. For safety reasons, shoes must not have a heel of more than 2″ Most Good Retailers
White cotton drill apron (For Food Technology) available from school. Crestwood School
 Lab Coat/Overall With long sleeves for protection in laboratory, workshop and art room.  Crestwood School

See our Latest Uniform Guide

Important Reminders

Hair – must be cut in an appropriate manner that is suitable to a formal educational and professional environment (it should not be extreme in colour or length changes and must not include tramlines or shaved areas of any kind).  Students in Key Stage 3 (KS3) should have their hair tied back at all times, whilst students in Key Stage 4 (KS4) need to tie their hair back in practical subjects due to health and safety requirements. Pupils should avoid extreme haircuts and colours. This includes extreme short hair paired with long, lines and patterns. It will result in detention, periods of isolation and not being allowed on rewards trips.

Piercing – a pair of small plain stud earrings (one in each ear lobe) are the ONLY piercings permitted, no hoops or diamond studs. No other form of body piercing is acceptable. Please note: earrings need to be removed for all physical activity.

Make Up – False nails of any description must not be worn, students wearing false nails will be asked to remove them immediately. Make up must be discreet.

Shoes – Only black smart practical shoes/trainers are permitted.  Boots or canvas shoes of any kind are not permitted.

Trousers – Must be plain black and formal in style. No leggings, denim-type or figure hugging trousers are permitted.

Skirts – Must be plain black and no shorter than one closed hand span above the knee. No elasticated or jersey material is permitted.