Year 7 Student of the Year 2015/2016

During year 8 assembly this morning (30/03/2017) Mr Naujeer presented last years student of the year with their certificate.

Well done Kaitlin Higgs, Kaitlin’s name will now be proudly displayed on our honours board, keep up the great work. A very tough decision given that it is a year group full of superstars!

Kaitlin Higgs

Little Shop of Horrors – Opening Night Success

A magnificent night was had by the 200+ strong audience last night in our brand new theatre (29/03/17).

The show was an incredible success and we look forward to the crowd’s reactions for the next 2 evenings, we have even had to install more seating to cope with the demand!

For audience reviews of last night’s show please follow the school Facebook page, reports and galleries will follow in the coming weeks.


More School Improvements on the Way!

Yesterday we received the fantastic news that we have been successful in our bid for a Condition Improvement Fund for the 3rd year running. Our Facilities Manager, Jonathan Harris, spends months preparing our bids and his hard work has meant millions of pounds of government investment over the past 3 years.

Fabulous news and more exciting times ahead for the school!

Student Press Team, ‘Crest Press’ Interview Head Teacher and Show Director

week of our school production, our in school reporters ‘Crest Press’, have conducted interviews with the show director, Miss Bradshaw and Head Teacher, Mr Bowles, we hope you enjoy the interviews!

Interviews by Helen Zheng, Nyah Mallen, Daniel Moriarty, Cole Roberts, Mollie-Mai Summers and Jessica Skidmore (and what a great job they have done!)

Miss Bradshaw


What inspired you to do a production?

I was always inspired to do one. For the first show, I wanted to include a lot of music, which is strange because I never wanted to do a musical when I was young! However, I felt this would fit in really well in this school.

How do you find working with Crestwood students?

Amazing! It is nice to see variety between years because in previous schools there would only be Years 10 and 11.

How does this compare with other productions you have done?

It is great to see the students’ progress as they rehearse-It is truly wonderful.

How much of your spare time do you use for rehearsals and preparation?

Yes a lot! We rehearse two times a week but it is not all script work, we take time to create props and costumes as well as perfecting our songs. We also use some lunchtimes and afterschool to prepare.

Have you had any problems or hindrances?

Not much but the main character breaking his arm was a big deal, we also have two more on crutches which has caused annoyances but apart from that its going smooth.

What is your favourite scene in the play?

It has to be the plant! I love all scenes in the little shop of horrors but my favourite is the first murder of the plant, with the blood and mystery!

If you had to be one character in the play who would you choose?

My first choice would have been Audrey because of her songs however my all-time choice would have to be the plant! I love it and it is one of my favourite features in the show.

Mr Bowles


What do you think of the choice of play for this year?

It’s a good choice because it’s a big cast, so you can get more people involved and I love musicals. Anything that has acting is brilliant.

Were you involved much in the audition stages? How do you feel about Miss Bradshaw and Mr. Sweeney’s cast choices?

I wasn’t exactly involved with the auditions, I left the decisions to them since they’re the experts. They know you as they teach you in both music and drama. I went to some of the auditions, but I didn’t get to pick any of the students who auditioned. Many people auditioned and I found a lot of them [to be] excellent. If they didn’t choose who they did, I wouldn’t of known that some of the students have fantastic voices. In my opinion, the choices are fantastic. I would like this school to be recognised as a performing arts school as well as sports.

What do you think of the play after rehearsals?

I think the play is really good. 5-6 weeks away from the performance and I’m really excited but I’m also nervous for the cast performing. I think that it is phenomenal in lots of ways. I hope the performance runs smoothly. They have learnt their lines and nailed the songs. It’s the sequencing in between that needs improving. From what I’ve seen it’s going to be great, they just need to tie it all together now. I know I’m no expert on it.

Little Shop of Horrors – 1 week to go!!!!!!!!!!

Some sneaky footage of two of our leads in full dress rehearsal today.

Excuse my shoddy camera work but having watched parts of todays rehearsal I just had to share some of it. So proud of everyone involved in the show, truly incredible talent.

You can purchase your tickets from the school office, Friday 31st March is almost sold out, tickets still available on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th March.

Crestwood Radio Station Edges Ever Nearer

We aim to launch our in school radio station immediately after the Easter Break.

After yesterday’s successful interviews we have filled the posts of Producer, Station Manager, News Team, Interviewers, Researchers, Crestwood Voice, Sports Reporters and Weather Reporters

Today sees the selection process for the Hosts!

The tech is all ready, humble beginnings but we present to you the Crestwood Radio Station Studio!!!!



World Book Day 2017 – 2nd March

Take a look through the photo gallery, we had some very creative costumes for World Book Day 2017.

The icing on the cake for the day was most definitely the visit of author Anna Conomos. Anna’s incredible storytelling wowed our students!

Enjoy the snaps!