Crestwood Students Star at the Dudley Schools Athletics Championships

Wednesday 25th May our PE department travelled to the Dell Stadium for the annual Dudley Schools Athletic Championships with our super sporty Year 7 students. There were some standout performances from  number of our students:

Charlie Rankovic finished 3rd the long jump event, Esme Ledbrook finished 3rd in the 200 metres, Paige Franks 3rd in the 100 metres, the girls 4×100 metre relay team (Ashley Perks, Ella Southall, Paige Edwards and Abby Oakley took 2nd place in a very strong field. The performance of the day though went to Libby-Ann Davies who finished 2nd in the long jump and qualified for the West Midlands Athletics Championships which are held at the Alexandra Stadium in Birmingham, home of the Birchfield Harriers!

Well done to all of the students that participated!

Here are a couple of shots of Libby-Ann pre and post take off!

The full gallery can be found on our Facebook Page –

Summer Serenade – A Crestwood School Collaboration Concert!!

ON the 21st of June we have invited local concert band ‘The BJ Concert Band’ to join us in what promises to be a carefully planned, rip-roaring collaboration. The 90 minute set will see a mixture of all time classics and modern chartbusters performed in our brand new, state of the art theatre.

This is a ‘one night only’ show and tickets will be limited, please get yours as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

Summer Serenade

Year 7 iPad Launch

Yesterday our Year 7 students were issued with their iPads, this morning I managed to get a few pictures of the students using their iPads in Mr Boerm’s PSHE lesson. The students were using Siri and Safari to research academic pathways and qualifications (School/College/University).

This is the 2nd year we have committed to the iPad project after last year’s Year 7 (current Year 8) saw the massive benefits of this wonderful resource. We are ensuring our students embrace the fast paced change that technology is bringing to everyday life!

It is also worth noting that a number of these images were taken by aspiring photographer Callum Nock (Year 7 Student). Callum came to me earlier in the year and mentioned his passion for photography, over the next few weeks we have a number of in school photo-shoots planned and Callum will be invited along to learn some photography techniques.


The Gambia Project 2017

During Easter 2017 Ms Lowe accompanied 4 lucky Crestwood School & Sixth Form students on a once in a life time trip to The Gambia. The students were Liam Walters, Chris Kauczok, Dan Smart and Connor O’ Boyle. We joined forces with students from one of our partner schools, Kinver High School, to make a difference to the lives of Gambian Children. The aim was to help more Gambian children access education, something we can sometime take for granted! Here is a diary of the visit written by Ms Lowe.

We intend to take even more students next year. If you are interested (who wouldn’t be!!!???) please speak with Ms. Lowe.

Day 1: Arrived at beach front hotel, exhausted from the journey.

Day 2: Early start – Travelled to Mansa Colley Bojang Primary School to teach lessons. The Crestwood Students were at first overwhelmed at having a class full of excited children staring at them, waiting to be taught. But they soon got into the swing of things, making paper aeroplanes and coordinating a competition between the students in the classes, awarded the pupils who could make their plane fly the furthest.

Played football with students from the school. Ms Lowe awarded herself player of the match and no argument was heard. The students of Bojang Primary School won on penalties.

Day 3: Up close and personal at the local monkey park. Afterwards, we visited the crocodile pool where the Crestwood Students petted an actual scary, toothy croc!!! Ms Lowe seemed to go missing at this point.

Day 4: Welcoming ceremony in local village. We were welcomed and thanked for our fundraising efforts, and for visiting with ceremonial dance and music. Speeches were made by the village elders and politicians. We felt overwhelmed and grateful!

Day 5: Helped local villagers build school building. Staff and students got stuck in, fetching water from the well to mix cement by spade, and transport it using wheelbarrows to different parts of the site. Some students were assigned the task of making bricks to build with – Liam Walters felt especially good at this, whereas Connor O’Boyle could barely get the bricks to stay intact. Foundations were dug out for a patio area at the front of the school, and the concrete floors were laid and smoothed flat. A very physical and worthwhile day to see the building develop, and all the hard work the local community puts into constructing it. We felt very proud to have contributed money through fundraising which allowed the local community to buy the resources needed.

Day 6: Visited Serrekunda market with local women and went shopping for ingredients to make dinner. The market was so colourful and busy. Hundreds of varieties of fish were being sold, as well as spices and vegetables. We brought the ingredients back to the compounds and to meet local families. The afternoon was spent preparing the food (learning how to scale and gut fish), and cooking it, as well as singing and dancing with the women and children. Dan Smart was not shy in getting up and shaking his booty. He was the life and soul of the compound that day.

Day 7: Visited anti-natal hospital and health centre where we gained an important insight into the basic facilities for men, women and children.

D & T GCSE Work Gallery

As reported in our most recent Crestmag our Year 11 students have recently submitted their final work for GCSE D & T (Food & Nutrition, Textiles and Product Design). We couldn’t feature all of the work in the Crestmag due to there being so many GREAT pieces!

Year 11 GCSE Textiles: nature inspired play mats (Ellie-Jaye Wright 11 IN, Sian Wright 11 I and Chloe Evans 11 W); ‘All Things British’ themed soft furnishings- cushions by Lorna Doherty 11E, duvet cover by Helena Allen 11W; vintage style dresses (Amy Thomas 11W, Kourtney Johnson 11W, Hannah Jefferies 11 D).

Year 11 GCSE Food: final products- Chocolate Orange Tartlets (Leon Robinson 11 I); Strawberry and Vanilla Custard Slice (Sana Noreen 11 W); Ravioli Lasagne (Jake Guest 11 I).

Year 11 GCSE Product Design: selection of final products by Thomas Carter 11IN, James Garrett 11D, Zackery Haywood 11D, Chris Kauczok 11D, Azain Khan 11E, Tayyob Mahmood 11IN, Tyler Nixon 11I, Matthew Shaw 11E, Teri Temple 11W and Johnny Xiourouppas 11I.

Here they are for you to enjoy!

World Book Day – Review & Extreme Reading Winners!

Each year Miss Evans and Miss Carpenter organise a fabulous day for World Book Day – Here is Miss Evans review of another successful WBD at Crestwood School! Including the winners of our Extreme Reading Competition (Editors Note – Don’t try this at home!!!! Well try the reading, just not the extreme part!!!) 

Yet again Crestwood celebrated World Book Day in style; it just seems to get better and better each year. This year, we were joined by the likes of: Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, King Arthur, Matilda, Tintin, Victoria Wood, and the whole crew from The Wizard of Oz.

This time we had a different treat for students in Years 7 and 8, as we were joined by international storyteller: Anna Conomos. Anna has travelled the world sharing and re-enacting stories (she’s even performed in castles and on a boat!). The Story that she shared with us was a poignant, true story of two Greek families during the holocaust. The students were enthralled as Anna taught us about Greek and Jewish cultures, and even sang songs that are part of Jewish celebrations.

For the second half of the day, 40 very lucky students from years 7 and 8 also had the chance to participate in a drama workshop with Anna. The focus of the activities was to bring stories to life through voice and action. The work that the students produced was excellent – it was clear to see how well they had engaged with the story, and we evidently have some budding storytellers in our presence.

Prior to the big day, Crestwood had the Big School Read (where every student in the school read the same short story in 10 minute instalments during each of their lessons throughout the day). This year’s story was an account of the effects that war had on the soldiers who returned home. Thank you to Miss Baker for organising this; it really opened up some very mature conversations with students and staff.

In addition, Crestwood’s A-Level English Literature students from year 12, along with Miss Hall and Mrs Carpenter, launched ‘Have a Blind Date with a Book’. For this, novels of various genres were secretly wrapped in brown paper, and students and teachers were encouraged to pick their next read based solely on the key words written on the wrapping. This was an exciting new venture, and lots of students and staff found new novels and authors that they might have ignored in the past!

And finally, the Extreme Reading competition 2017 was launched –Check out the images and winners below.

The day was a great success, with many students and staff going home with a big smile on their face, and a new appreciation of how to engage people through the spoken word. Thank you to everyone who got involved and helped make it such an enjoyable day.

Extreme Reading Winners:

Individual Category: Rhys Cox (7EN), Maya Andrews-Braverman (8VI)

Group Category: 9I (See if you can work out what they’ve spelt in British Sign Language)

Staff Category: Mr Naujeer and Mr Harris