Crestwood School – We Will Remember Them…

Thanks to Mrs. Barnbrook who organised the trip, on Tuesday 7th November, 14 Year 9 students had the opportunity to visit Lye cemetery to visit WWI and some WW2 war graves. The volunteers at the cemetery took the students around numerous war graves giving us some information about the soldiers that were buried there. After hearing about each soldier’s story, students commemorated them by dedicating a poppy in their memory. The poppies were made by the students as a part of a project running up to Remembrance Day. Despite the cold and wet it was an amazing opportunity for students to learn about soldiers from our area who fought in the wars.

“Overall the experience of visiting the cemetery was very reflective and made me think about what we do today to honor the soldiers. I found it very surprising how young they were and just how many of them were of that young age. Most of them were only ten years or less older than we are. It was also very frightening to think what they went through and all the pain they must have gone through. This made me feel lucky to have all the things we have that they didn’t.”

Tom Whitehouse 9KE

“Visiting Lye&Wollescote Cemetery was quite emotional for me. It was quite upsetting imagining what the soldiers had to go through and how much pain they had to suffer while fighting for our country. One of the main things that I found really upsetting was that some of the soldiers passed away just a couple of days before the war was over. Losing a member of a family at the last minute, must have been really difficult for families. I am really grateful to all the soldiers that put their life at risk in order to defend our country. We wouldn’t be where we are now if it want for them.”

Saman Batool 9KR 

“When I visited the cemetery I surprised to see how many of the soldiers were younger than 30 and how many died so near the end and after of the war due to its effects. This was an unique experience. I feel like we learned a lot more about  the soldiers who fought in World War One and we gained more respect for them and realised how hard their lives were. I really enjoyed it.”

Scarlett Morris   9AJ