Kakatsitsi Visit Crestwood!

On Friday 25 October Crestwood students were treated to performances and tutorials by Kakatsitsi, a group of traditional drummers, dancers and singers from the Ga tribe of Southern Ghana.

During assembly Year 7 students were ‘WOWED’ with several upbeat renditions of traditional rhythms and chants from the group.

During periods 1, 2 and 3 our students got to try the instruments for themselves, receiving an excellent tutorial before playing along with the Kakatsitsi.

Mr Sweeney, Head of Performing Arts, organised the event and would like to thank the members of the group that joined us and the students that were SO enthusiastic and willing to learn!

Another unique opportunity for our students!

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We are the CHAMPIONS!!!!

The next stop on the Invictus Games calendar was Crestwood School who hosted ‘Invictus Games VIII’. As is customary the games kicked off with a rousing performance from the Crestwood Performing Arts department.

Mrs Sutton then formally welcomed the guests for the day before inviting Mr Evans, Head of Crestwood PE, to explain to our athletes what was in store!

There is no need for a long explanation, if you have a look at the YouTube clip posted below you will see what our competitors were up against, a series of exercises and activities devised to push our students to their limits. Inspiration for the event was taken from the 70s/80s show ‘Superstars’ (not the rubbish reincarnation from a few years ago!)

We are proud to announce that our students absolutely embraced the challenge and fully justified their teacher’s faith in selecting them for such a grueling test.

Each school sent 2 boys and 2 girls per year group, so being selected was an achievement in itself!

As always, competition was fierce but fair with the Invictus Values embodied throughout the day. Our values are firmly at the heart of everything we do. Today all students truly championed value 2 and value 4, ‘Anything Is Possible’ & ‘Seek and Seize Opportunities’. It is worth adding that the events were extremely physically challenging and there were so many occasions where it would have been easy for our students to quit, instead they gritted their teeth and worked even harder! A proud day for everyone connected to Invictus schools.

Our staff, particularly the Crestwood PE Team, who organised the day to perfection, and the PE teams from around the Trust who have spent weeks preparing their athletes and supporting on the day have also demonstrated that ‘Everyday, in Every way our Students Come First’ & that we always ‘Think Collaboratively’ our first and last values.

As always there must be a winner (other than sport, which is always the winner!), the nature of the event meant it was an incredibly tough task to even collate the scores. Each event saw an individual award for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, an elite performance award for the boy and girl with the most points across the day, an endeavor award for commitment and dedication across the events and of course the big prize, overall school winner!

A very close event (they always are!) saw Leasowes finish in 3rd place, Wombourne High picked up the silver medals in 2nd place…..and the winner of the first Invictus Games of the year……. Crestwood!

A full gallery of the day is available on the Invictus Sport Facebook Page

Crestwood’s Star Golfer’s Winning Streak!

Year 8 student Ben Bolton this week discovered he will be representing Great Britain at the junior world championships in Jakarta again – following his 3rd place finish at last years event. Today we are revelling at Ben’s INCREDIBLE achievements as he kindles a promising and celebrated career as a junior golfer.

Beginning his golfing tuition at aged 4; Ben very quickly expressed a talent for the game, so much so that at aged 6 he became the youngest ever member to join Enville Golf Club due to his ability and good attitude. Within the year Mr. Bolton began to play competitively, winning his first tournament at the age of 8 to qualify for Wee Wonders Tournament at St. Andrews which he went on to place 1st.

Still aged 8, Ben played in the European Championships held at Longniddry, Scotland, being placed 35th out 40 which remains an amazing achievement for a golfer his age. Ben soon began to bring in the wins for his club as he began representing the Junior Team at Enville, winning by 45pts at the Captains Day event at Enville in 2016. The European Championships were again graced by Ben’s talents when he placed 22nd out of 50 worldwide competitors, his wonderful mindset and strong abilities propelling his acclaim through the junior golfing circuit.

Finishing 7th in the British Junior Championship in 2017 and 2018 at Celtic Manor, Wales again shows the improvement and growth that Ben has been through as a young sportsman where he boasted a single figure handicap at the age of 10! Our student now has the British Junior Golf Tour Summer Cup, Woodhall Spa Junior Open and Jakarta World Champion Qualifier wins under his belt. At aged 11, Ben has played against Under-16, 18 and 21 teams (Ben being the youngest on the field!) and finished 18th, 35th and 57th respectively out of 100 players.

Ben honestly is an amazing and promising student in his academics and his golfing, we are proud of his achievements, an impressive young man whom we are confident will continue to dazzle the golfing world in the future. Having starting the year with a handicap of 8.9 he has reduced it down to 3.9, which to those who aren’t fluent with golfing terminology, is an ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE achievement for any golfer regardless of age.

Well done Ben! Good luck at the IMG World Championship Qualifiers and the Spain Qualifier later this month. We are delighted to have you as a student and eager to see where your exceptional talents and game-winning attitude will take you.

Check below for an exhaustive list of Ben’s golfing achievements:


  • 1st place in his first junior competition at Enville as youngest on the field.  
  • 1st place at Enville’s Captains Day, being the junior winner by 45pts.
  • 18th in his first Enville major competition playing against 73 adults
  • 1st in the Wee Wonders Qualifiers.
  • 1st in the Wee Wonders British Tournament.
  • 35th in the Uskids European Championship out of 50 worldwide competitors.
  • 3rd at the 3 Hammers Par 3 Championships.

Started the year with a handicap of 46, reduced to 27


  • Began to play from the white tees for the first time (the starting position of professional adult golfers).
  • 22nd in the Uskids European Championship out of 71 worldwide competitors.
  • 7th in the Uskids British Championship out of 30 worldwide competitors.
  • 4th in Stourbridge Junior Open.
  • 3rd in 3 Hammers par 3 Championship.

Started the year with a handicap of 27, reduced to 14.4


  • 2nd at the Robert Rock Junior Golf Tour in Sutton Coldfield, with a gross score of 76.
  • 13th at the Uskids European Championship out of 71 worldwide competitors.
  • 1st at the British Junior Golf Tour in Nailcote; a Par 3 qualifier shooting a superb 60, 11 shots clear of 2nd place.
  • 7th Uskids British Championship out of 30 competitors worldwide.
  • 4th Stourbridge Junior Open.
  • 1st at the Neil Elwell charity game for Fight Leukaemia at Chesterton Valley against 60 competitors.
  • 1st at the British Junior Golf Tour Woodhall Spa.
  • 1st at the 2 Day Season Final Junior Open.
  • 1st at the Jakarta World Junior Championship Qualifier.
  • Ben has been told he is now qualified to represent his age category on the British team in Jakarta next June!


  • 2nd at the British Junior Golf Tour Edgbaston.
  • 7th at the IMG World Qualifier at Maylands.
  • 3rd Jakarta World Junior Championship in Indonesia.
  • 18th out of 35 Nick Faldo Junior Golf Tournament in the U16 group being the youngest on the field.
  • 2nd at the British Junior Golf Tour in Nailcote.
  • 1st at the British Junior Golf Tour Summer Camp Tournament finishing 10 shots ahead of field at -5 and a total of 17 birdies over a 3-round tournament.
  • 1st at the Enville Golf Club Junior Open, best gross score.
  • 1st at the Enville Golf Club Major Guard Trophy with 42pts.
  • 1st at the Enville Golf Club Major Highgate Cup Trophy with a gross score of 72, first level par off the white tees.
  • 5th in the European Junior Golf Tour at Telford Golf Club.
  • 4th British Junior Golf Tour at Foxhills in Surrey.

Looking forward to play in the IMG World Qualifier at South Herts Golf Club and the EJGT Spain Qualifier Ingestre Park.

Started the year with a handicap of 8.9, reducing to 3.9

[Updated] Crest Central Menu!

Find attached the new and improved lunch-time menu and price list for our very own Crest Central! This updated menu will provide students with healthy, well-balanced meals to fuel them through their day; offering lots of variety in doing so.

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‘Switch Up’ The Education on Knife Crime

At the Crestwood School we take our commitment to the Invictus Education Trust values to heart. Today, we have truly embodied Value Four- To Seek and Seize Opportunities by resourcefully booking a topical and inspiring show for our Year 8 students. The thought-provoking Switch Up tackles the current and complex issues behind knife crime, gang violence and self-identity.

The Saltmine Theatre Company has brilliantly provided our students with a relatable performance followed by a down-to-earth and open, interactive workshop to tackle the emergent issues presented. As a school, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide our pupils with effective education surrounding all aspects of their lives. We understand that knife crime and gang violence are growing concerns in the UK, though we are certain none of our students are involved, we believe that this is an important area to be educated.

Our Year 8 students will have certainly taken a lot from the performance alone and furthered their understanding and comprehension of these current social issues during the workshop segment. Here are some quotes from some of our students:

“The knife crime performance was good because it spreads awareness and made me realise how important it is.”

“I liked the performance about knife crime because I didn’t think much of it at first but now I’m more aware.”

“The performance was very good and the acting was amazing. The interactive presentation was very interesting because I learnt a lot and they got us involved.”

“It taught us that carrying a knife is not cool”

“They taught us that knives won’t keep us safe and you shouldn’t carry knives.”

We sincerely hope that none of our students get involved with the issues discussed today. We are certain that our students now understand the societal pressures and serious consequences of gang culture and knife crime and the importance of a strong self-identity.

On behalf of the Crestwood School and the Invictus Education Trust, we extend our greatest gratitude and appreciation to the Saltmine Theatre Company for their amazing session this morning! The cast members were engaging and the performance moving, we are thankful to have hosted the session and delighted by its positive impact.

Please take the time to view our Facebook page where we have uploaded photos from today’s session!

Also, take a look at the Saltmine Theatre Company social media to understand their mission and witness their talent!

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Click Here to view the trailer for Switch Up.