Miss Read’s Guide to VE Day!

Hi, Miss Read here. Hope everyone is safe and well.

Throughout history we have had some incredible successes and special events that we still remember, commemorate and celebrate today and one of these important events is happening THIS FRIDAY 8th May – Victory in Europe (VE) Day.

VE Day marked the end of fighting in Europe during the Second World War – which had lasted nearly 6 years. On 7th May 1945, Winston Churchill made an announcement on the radio that Germany had officially surrendered and he announced that as of the next day, the 8th May, this would be a national (bank) holiday in Britain. People held parties, danced and sang in the streets. Huge crowds gathered in London, both on Whitehall to hear Churchill speak and outside Buckingham Palace where King George VI and the Royal Family appeared on the balcony.

Last year I marked the event with a homemade scone, a cream tea, creating bunting and seeing friends. This year is no different! There will still be special events taking place across the weekend when everyone will remember those who lost their lives in the war. I plan on (attempting!!) to make Egg Fricassee. At the minute I struggle to fry an egg! I am also going to create some window displays of poppies and soldiers.

I have put together some information on the history of WW2 and VE Day and also some ideas of what you, your family and people at home can be doing/creating/watching/writing/baking/growing to commemorate this event.



Staff have also shared their ideas of VE Day activities and what they’ll be doing on Friday!

Miss Ellis has been following the official 75th anniversary “what to watch” guide to countdown to the 75th anniversary!


Mrs Cook and Mrs Brooks will be creating some bunting using these templates from the BBC website:


Mrs Sidaway is rolling up her artist sleeves and thinking about songs she can write or perform, potential poems, drawings or other work of art.

Mrs Harper has created a VE Day neckerchief for Paddy and Toby the dogs!

Mrs Bourne and her street will be observing the 2min silence from her driveway with other neighbours in her street on their driveways, and playing the VE Day playlist with a picnic!

Mrs Hughes has researched some popular recipes created from rationed food during the war: Dripping sandwiches, Corned beef hash, liver casserole!!! (yum!).

There are so many things for you to try at home! Why not have a go and send us your creations and ideas?? We would love to create something from them! Staff will also be sharing their finished products.

Enjoy VE Day and take care.


Crestwood School Choir – NHS Tribute

I would like to present to you; the parents, the carers, the guardians, our local and wider community, the front line key workers and most importantly our fantastic NHS, Crestwood School’s Performing Arts Department giving their message of thanks.

Mr Sweeney