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Our philosophy is to equip all of our students with the essential language skills they need to become successful citizens of Europe and function effectively in the working world. We are a dedicated team of teachers, committed to ensuring that all students enjoy their learning and achieve their full potential.


Year 7

All Crestwood students start their study of either French or German in Year 7. In Year 7 topics studied include self, family and friends, school, sport and hobbies, house and home life, town, and daily routine.


Year 8

Students continue studying their main language and further develop their skills. Topics studied in Year 8 are typically local area, food and drink, holidays, health, and fashion.


Year 9

During year 9 students continue their language studies following the GCSE framework, practising the skills and topic areas which will enable them to succeed at GCSE.


Extra Curricular

We organise annual residential trips to Paris and Cologne for Years 7 and 8, which offer students the chance to experiment with their language skills and immerse themselves in another culture. We also run trips to the Frankfurt Christmas market in Birmingham. All of these trips are always very popular. From time to time opportunities also arise for us to take students on language themed days at local universities.