Mr Rollason Goes Plastic Free!

Globally we have an issue with waste plastic, polluting land and oceans all over the world, the impact on environment and food chains is becoming more and more obvious in our everyday lives. Recent studies found plastic debris inside 150 Europeans, which was every one that was tested!

In order to promote and support the reduction in plastic use and educate students, staff and parents on our over reliance on plastics Mr Rollason, our Head of Year 11, is going PLASTIC FREE for the entire month of May!

Mr Rollason will be posting regular updates throughout his plastic free journey. The month will be launched during his assemblies this week with all year groups, a follow up assembly will follow at the end of the month.

Mr Rollason hopes to influence his colleagues, our students and parents to reduce plastic use, regular updates and best plastic practice will be provided on our social media platforms throughout the month!