Olympian Programme

Crestwood School sports provision affords us the opportunity to have the best sporting facilities in the Dudley area. We are developing this so that the most talented individuals can have access to such facilities and expertise.

Rationale behind admission by Sporting Aptitude

  • If you think your child has the potential, take the next step to academic and sporting excellence
  • We now select 10% of students based on sporting aptitude, even if you live outside of our catchment area. This is judged through an optional sporting aptitude test conducted as part of our admissions process.
  • Part of our aim is to develop Gifted and Talented students who excel in BTEC grades and sports leadership, alongside sporting success in school and out. Our genuine strive for sporting practical excellence is now supported by our wonderful facilities, and staff expertise. In forthcoming years we aim to work hard to offer real provision for the more Gifted and Talented students.

As a oversubscribed school we are able to select up to 10% of our intake on Sporting Aptitude to create our very own OLYMPIAN group.

The OLYMPIAN group will follow a specialised sports programme which will advance both their physical and academic achievement. The sessions will take place in some PE lessons and extra curricular sessions and opportunities and will consist of a variety of advanced physical education sessions to cover sports psychology, physiology and skill acquisition.

Beyond our Facilities….why?

As well as fantastic facilities, we have a strong PE department of specialist teachers. So we are looking to take the next step, and attract the best sports students in the area to our school. Meet the team:

Mr Evans – Football (ex semi-pro football)

Mr Kemp – Swimming (represented London at National competitions)

Miss Ellis – Football (Aston Villa ladies and England youth international)

Miss Hatton – Netball coach libra–lea netball club, and league rugby player

Miss Canadine – Dance qualified and links to professional performance companies

RFU – England rugby grant to support the development of rugby in school

What Else?

  • Effective use of INVICTUS wide resources – climbing walls,
  • American football etc.
  • Sailing at Himley
  • Rowing opportunities
  • Designated Director of sport for the whole of INVICTUS, based at Crestwood = OPPORTUNITIES for our students
  • Grant applied for regarding table tennis links and funding – satellite club forming at Crestwood
  • Extending boxing club links with Lions club

Crestwood at Twickenham

We are part of a national programme to encourage more people of school age to take part in rugby. This is why there has been an increase in the opportunities available to students at Crestwood to take part in Rugby.

What will you experience on the Olympian Programme?

As a member of the Crestwood Olympian programme, you will get access to specialist activities and events

  • Specific Olympian form group
  • Specific extra curricular programme
  • Exclusive trips and experiences
  • School sports representation
  • Gifted and talented recognition
  • Club links with local teams

Entry Tests

  • Not only will we be ranking students based on their sporting aptitude (physical ability) but also their cognitive, social, creative and personal ability. Cognitive (thinking) ability is shown in their knowledge and understanding of Physical Education
  • Social ability is the basis of leadership and teamwork
  • Personal ability is the capacity for self-regulation, self-belief and commitment
  • Creative ability is evidenced when a learner responds to challenges and tasks with fluency and

Interested in joining our unique programme? Contact the Head of Physical Education, Mr Evans at sevans@crestwood-s.dudley.sch.uk