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 Psychology KS4

Psychology Curriculum Intent.

In Psychology, the curriculum is engaging and creative and teaches students specialist vocabulary, psychological concepts, terminology and conventions, as well as the scientific process of psychological enquiry. Using a range of challenging activities, continual retrieval practice and exam practice, the curriculum is designed to build knowledge and understanding of psychology, equipping students with the skills to apply psychological theory and research to real life, to explain human behaviour.

Psychology Core Standards.

In Psychology our core standards are:

  • To inspire and engage learners.

  • To develop an understanding of the ideas and values that characterise ‘self’ and others.

  • To develop critical and independent thinkers who are equipped with psychological literacy that can be applied to everyday life.

  • To develop an understanding of mental health and to decrease the stigma surrounding poor mental health.

  • To develop an interest in further study and/ or continued life long learning.

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