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Year 7 Student's First Half Term at School

Its been just over a month since we welcomed our new Year 7 students into our school and they have had a great start!

Two of our Year 7 students wanted to share with you their experience of starting Year 7 at Crestwood School.

Rome - Year 7 Student

I started at the Crestwood school in September. So far, I have found it an everlasting adventure that’s been showcased by the teachers and children.

The school day starts for us at 8:50 every day. When I enter the school gates, I meet up with a couple of my friends who I met on one of my first days being there. We like to then head to the brand-new science block where we go to our form rooms for registration and morning activities. When I first started, my form room was originally 7JR which was a lovely class with an amazing teacher. Since then, I have been given the amazing opportunity to join the performing arts form after auditioning for my place. I am looking forward to auditioning for upcoming roles in the performances at Crestwood. Previous performances can be viewed on YouTube.

All of the subjects at the school are exiting and I have learned so much already. My favourite subjects are Maths, Science and especially P.E. At Crestwood, we have the use of an Astro pitch, two sports halls and even our own swimming pool! We were the first students to experience the new science block that has only just been built. Science lessons are super cool as we carry out amazing experiments, learn about the human body and work with the Bunsen burners which are especially my favourite. Currently in maths, I am learning about how to use different methods such as the lattice and the Chinese method for multiplying decimals by whole numbers.

On lunch and breaks, I meet up with a few of my friends where we like to go and get food from the cafeteria. We also like to relax in the learning hub which is a place similar to a library where you can read books or use the computers. Also, in the school we have a place called the muse. This is where you can go to sit down on comfy sofas and talk to other people. Outside, however, is just as good, we have three quads where we can go to see other people and make new friends. During this time, you may see some of the older pupils wearing a striped blazer. These people, are student leaders and they are there to help younger students if you are lost or need some help. They are always kind and will help you no matter what.

At the school, there are many computers which can be used for homework. There are many computers in the learning hub and the muse where you can go in your free time. There is also an online learning platform called SPACE. Its amazing for homework and its where teachers will put the homework (after obviously telling you before so). We also have tiny notebooks called our planners where we write notes for homework instead of trying to remember.

I am so glad that I chose Crestwood as my secondary school and I can’t wait to see what new experiences I have at Crestwood.

Aminah - Year 7 Student

In my experience Crestwood is the best school ever. Crestwood really helps everyone learn and there are countless opportunities for you to sign up for, for example;

  • CHAT: This is a place that you can tell your worries to other fellow students that might have gone through the same thing.

  • HOUSE CAPTAIN: House Captains lead the houses in each year group and recruit students into house competitions.

  • HUB MONITOR: This gives you the chance to explore our creative hub of books and you even have the option to apply to become a Hub Monitor. This place is filled with books and computers to help with homework.

  • FORM TIME: During form time you spend time with your form tutor and complete form activities such as numeracy ninjas, which is really fun. We also do literacy activities and votes for schools.

My experience at Crestwood is fantastic. On the first day we met our amazing Head of Year, Mrs Bradley, and she told us about life at Crestwood. After that at break and lunchtime I went to the Hub and met lovely Mrs Lopez and super Mrs Sibley. Soon after I started to form friendships with people. Crestwood was a new start, a new place to be a better person and there are still so many amazing experiences for me to try.

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