Scuba Diving Sensation

Year 11 prefect and model student Scarlett Morris has been making waves (excuse the pun!) at a local scuba diving club.

Invictus Director of Sport and Scarlett’s PE Teacher, Miss Hatton is keen to recognise Scarlett’s skill and dedication to her passion:

“Scarlett Morris 11AJ is a keen swimmer but also a fantastic scuba diver. I have known Scarlett for many years and she is a lovely student who is always willing to please and go the extra mile!”

“Scarlett trains twice weekly for her sport, with her local club.  She is a great ambassador but also supports her peers and other club members!”

“We at Crestwood are extremely proud of Scarlett keep up the good work!” 

Scarlett also added:

“I first got involved with my diving club when I was looking for a hobby, I loved swimming since I was young and wanted to see what else I could do, I started when I was snorkelling when I was 10 knew straight away that I wanted to learn to dive once I was 12. One of the main reasons I love diving is that I get to experience things that not many people do, I love being able to go on trips and swim inside wrecks of boats and aeroplanes as well as seeing all of the underwater life and being part of my diving club allows me to do this”

“Dudley Dolphin has help me do things that I never thought I could, and being part a community full of interesting and friendly people has allowed me to learn and experience amazing things.”

“Diving is not just hobby to me it is a way of life and I am so happy I was able to discover it with help from everyone in my diving club. As they have all helped to enjoy every aspect of diving and allowing me to build my confidence not only with diving but also everyday life and in school”

If you are interested in diving you can come and have a try dive. Please contact Miss Hatton or Scarlett for more information or visit their website. We have two try dives coming up, if you are interested please see Miss Hatton or your PE teacher.