Sports Day 2019 Back to EARTH!

We have our champions. Earth are this years winners in an incredibly comptetive day of sport. An brilliant day at sun baked Crestwood began with morning team sports before heading to the sports field in the afternoon for the track and field events.

Stand out performances from our year 7’s were Milli Shepherd & Luke Bailey who took home the individual ‘Outstanding Performance Shield’. Libby Ann Davies and Harvey James won the same award for the upper school!

Head to our Facebook page for a full gallery from a glorious and successful day!

For a full breakdown of the scores see the table below!

Sports Day 2019: Results
Athletics Year 7 Girls1020155
Athletics Year 7 Boys1551020
Athletics Year 8 Girls1020155
Athletics Year 8 Boys1020205
Athletics Year 9 Girls1520105
Athletics Year 9 Boys2010515
Athletics Year 10 Girls1520510
Athletics Year 10 Boys5151520
Total Athletics 1001309585
Football 2015510
Table Tennis1552010
Footy Golf1551020
TOTAL 165205170180