‘Switch Up’ The Education on Knife Crime

At the Crestwood School we take our commitment to the Invictus Education Trust values to heart. Today, we have truly embodied Value Four- To Seek and Seize Opportunities by resourcefully booking a topical and inspiring show for our Year 8 students. The thought-provoking Switch Up tackles the current and complex issues behind knife crime, gang violence and self-identity.

The Saltmine Theatre Company has brilliantly provided our students with a relatable performance followed by a down-to-earth and open, interactive workshop to tackle the emergent issues presented. As a school, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide our pupils with effective education surrounding all aspects of their lives. We understand that knife crime and gang violence are growing concerns in the UK, though we are certain none of our students are involved, we believe that this is an important area to be educated.

Our Year 8 students will have certainly taken a lot from the performance alone and furthered their understanding and comprehension of these current social issues during the workshop segment. Here are some quotes from some of our students:

“The knife crime performance was good because it spreads awareness and made me realise how important it is.”

“I liked the performance about knife crime because I didn’t think much of it at first but now I’m more aware.”

“The performance was very good and the acting was amazing. The interactive presentation was very interesting because I learnt a lot and they got us involved.”

“It taught us that carrying a knife is not cool”

“They taught us that knives won’t keep us safe and you shouldn’t carry knives.”

We sincerely hope that none of our students get involved with the issues discussed today. We are certain that our students now understand the societal pressures and serious consequences of gang culture and knife crime and the importance of a strong self-identity.

On behalf of the Crestwood School and the Invictus Education Trust, we extend our greatest gratitude and appreciation to the Saltmine Theatre Company for their amazing session this morning! The cast members were engaging and the performance moving, we are thankful to have hosted the session and delighted by its positive impact.

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