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Humanities KS3

Geography Curriculum Intent.

Geography will inspire fascination amongst students in how the physical landscape is formed and how humans live on that landscape. It will aid students in improving their literacy and numeracy skills. It will develop the students' skills of interpreting data and drawing conclusions from it. It will also develop the students' skills of written evaluation and discussion. Lastly, it will develop the students' understanding of key environmental issues. 

Geography Core Standards.

In Geography the core standards are to:


  • Students have sound location and place knowledge.

  • Students can read a map and recognise the key symbols. 

  • Student know the basic formation of the physical landscape and how they are formed. 

  • Students know and understand the key challenges for humans living on that landscape (the environment).

  • Students can express different viewpoints about those challenges and be able to form an opinion about them. 

  • Students in KS3 are set homework every two weeks. 

History Curriculum Intent.

The Crestwood History curriculum helps to explain the world as it is by exploring the world as it was, in an intriguing and ambitious way. 

Understanding is developed around a spine of British History. Enquiries explore global, continental and local scales, emphasising the complexity of the past and the constructed, contested nature of History. To this end, pupils develop their disciplinary thinking, exploring the past from multiple perspectives and viewpoints. We strive to make our curriculum representative of the past's inhabitants, aiming to understand the broadest possible picture and the details that illuminate it. In the limited time that we have available, these threads are combined and chronologically sequenced to craft a rich, broad and structured understanding of the past for every pupil. We aim to be a leading department in the school by delivery a diverse and well-sequenced curriculum which prompts curiosity and a passion for history from our students. We are beginning to introduce challenging scholarship and sources to set high expectations of our students but also to teach them about the process of history (as a verb). 

Perhaps most importantly, our curriculum aims to produce 'citizen historians’ by helping change how our young people understand themselves, the world around them and their own place within it. 
Undoubtedly, increasing pupils’ historical knowledge, curiosity, critical thinking and communication skills are all key functions of our curriculum. Increased knowledge of the past helps to inform the identity of our young people; this curriculum will give them both the confidence to build strong arguments of their own and the flexibility to incorporate new perspectives into their thinking. Through these skills, they are prepared for further study of history but also for life and a wide variety of careers. 


History Core Standards.

In History the core standards are to:


  • Develop a student’s sense of chronology. 

  • Enable students to construct their own interpretations of the past by selecting evidence from the available historical sources of information. 

  • Enable students to assess whether a source of information is accurate. 

  • Enable students identify key changes in past and areas that show continuity.  

  • Enable students to reach judgements about why an event in the past was significant. 

  • Enable students to identify why an event happened and the impact that the event had. 

RS Curriculum Intent.

Religious Studies will inspire fascination amongst students about the different beliefs and actions of religious people and help them understand that action and beliefs that may seem strange to them may be done or be held for a good reason by those religious people. it will opportunity on a regular basis for students to reflect on their own beliefs and views about philosophical and ethical issues. it will inspire students to tolerance of the belief and actions of others. it will aid students in improving their literacy and numeracy skills. it will contribute to the students' moral, social and cultural development. Lastly, it will develop the students' written skills of evaluation and discussion. 

RS Core Standards.

In RS the core standards are to:


  • Students  have a good Knowledge of a range of religious beliefs and actions. 

  • Students have a good understanding of why religious people believe and act in the way they do. 

  • Students can discuss whether those beliefs and actions are right or wrong and assess the relative strength of different arguments. 

  • Students are aware of the different cultures that exist in our society and show tolerance of them.

  • Students can think and reflect on their own beliefs. 

  • Students in KS3 are set homework every 2 weeks.

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