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At The Crestwood School all teachers are passionate about developing the literacy skills of our students. The whole school’s literacy is a priority across all subject areas. Students have the chance to develop core skills in every lesson, whether it be related to reading, writing, speaking or listening. Please refer to the curriculum of individual subject areas for details on how specific skills are addressed within subjects.


During registration time at Crestwood, students are given a range of activities that tackle the delivery of core skills. Each year group has 20 different key foci throughout the year that will be covered by their form tutor. Every other week all students are given the opportunity to enter a literacy competition and win an amazing stationery prize.


In literacy lessons students cover a range of English-based skills and texts that will complement the work they complete in their English lessons. The texts they study are tailored to meet the needs of the specific students within these targeted intervention groups and are therefore altered each year to suit the needs of the learners.