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Our Careers Policy

A young person’s career is their pathway through learning and work. All young people need a planned programme of activities to help them make 14-19 choices which are right for them and to enable them to have the necessary skills to be able to manage their careers throughout their lives. Schools have a statutory duty to provide careers education in Years 7-11 and to give students access to careers information, advice and guidance.

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Careers education and guidance programmes make a major contribution to preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. A planned progressive programme of activities supports them in choosing 14-19 pathways that suit their interests and abilities and help them to follow a career path and sustain employability throughout their working lives.

Our Developmental Priorities:

  1. Raise aspirations for all learners

  2. Increase career opportunities for all learners

  3. Provide opportunities for vulnerable students at KS4.

Our aims:

The Crestwood School Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance policy has the following aims:

  • To contribute to strategies for raising achievement, especially by increasing motivation and aspirations

  • To support inclusion, challenge stereotyping and promote equality of opportunity

  • To encourage participation into continued learning including higher education and further education

  • To develop enterprise and employment skills

  • To reduce course switching at KS4

  • To contribute to economic prosperity of individuals and communities

  • To meet the needs of all our students through appropriate differentiation

  • To focus on student aspirations

  • To involve parents and carers.

Learner entitlement:

Careers and individual subjects:​

Each subject at Crestwood makes explicit links to careers within lessons, through highlighting related careers, job profiles and employability/ soft skills.

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Careers & Raising Aspirations

Click here to enter the careers portal for careers information for students, parents/ carers, teachers and employers/ employees!

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