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Crestwood Open Evening 2022

On Wednesday 21st September, Mr Sutton and his team, including a number of excellent student leaders, welcomed the community into our school for their open evening event.

Year 6 students and their families listened intently to Mr Sutton during his address in the school theatre, before embarking on a guided tour of the school, visiting all departments, meeting staff and watching various student demonstrations.

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Open Evening Photo Gallery - Click Here

Headteacher's Address

Applications for secondary school are now open, and you have until the end of October to complete your application.

Remember... choose Crestwood!

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1 Comment

Oct 21, 2022

Another parent has said they've had a place confirmed at your school already. We came to the open evening and saw the new headteachers talk but don't recall any mention of different admissions. TBH it was quite disorganised and the teacher doing our tour went off without us half way round. After that a student was much more helpful and she helped show us a couple of areas we really wanted to see. As we left we saw something about winning a blazer but no one mentioned what that was about. There was also seperate groups / uniform for olympics, drama and music that seemed some students would be distinguished from others and have more opportunites - but told this…

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