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Drama Reenactment Challenge

Hello everybody!

I hope you are all staying safe, well, happy and healthy. I am missing school a lot, missing seeing your lovely faces every day and the general buzz of school life.

Throughout these very strange times, we all have different things which are helping us get through it. For me, these things involve building Lego with my son, exercise, music, watching films, watching plays online and listening to podcasts. Being creative is something which makes me feel happy. Though, seeing YOUR creativity would make me even happier. So… I have an idea…

Mrs Wood’s and Miss Canadine’s RE-ENACTMENT CHALLENGE!

Rules are:

- Recreate a scene from a movie/play/iconic TV moment and take a photograph of it.

- Scenes must NOT be violent in nature.

- You may use costume, props, your dog, your chicken, whatever you like!

- If you can get some of your family involved, great!

- Be as creative and imaginative as you can!

- You MUST put the original image side by side to your creation for comparison.

- Deadline for submissions to be emailed to me is Friday 5th February

- Email your creations to

- The winner will receive a £10 Amazon voucher

- The runner up will receive a £5 Amazon voucher

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