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In Design and Technology we strongly believe in ‘learning by doing’ and students are encouraged to be creative and find solutions to problems through experimentation and independent enquiry. In KS3 students have 13 weeks in each of the three areas of Design & Technology.


Design & Technology KS3 

Design & Technology

Curriculum Intent.

In Design & Technology students study Food & Nutrition, Engineering, 3D Design and Textiles Design. Our intent is to develop an engaging and relevant curriculum that will prepare students to respond to the demands of life in the 21st Century. Our mission is to promote independence, creativity and resilience through a diverse and inclusive curriculum. We identify and nurture talent and aim to raise aspirations to inspire a belief that anything is possible.

Design & Technology

Core Standards.

In Design & Technology the core standards are to:


  • Promote engagement through active learning.

  • Promote creativity, individuality and excellence.

  • Promote learning through problem solving .

  • Develop resilient, risk-taking and independent learners.

  • Access for all learners .

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