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Learning HUB

The Learning HUB

Our Learning Hub offers our students a quiet learning area equipped with computers, laptops, non-fiction books, fiction books, graphic novels and newspapers, to encourage reading and learning across all subjects.


There are tables for the students to use with their iPads, laptops or books to complete homework, revision or refresh the information learnt in class. Students may study independently or request help from the staff or expert student Hub team, who run the Hub on a daily basis, opening before school, during breaks and at lunchtimes.


We are a Reading School and have a wide variety of fiction books, including a good stock of titles used for our Accelerated Reader lessons. There are classic novels and books by new authors, including books recently published. Students are actively encouraged to suggest books to enhance our shelves and to write book reviews, giving their opinions and recommending books to other students.


Many authors have been welcomed to our School through the Hub, including Cathy Cassidy, Holly Smale, Matt Dickinson, David Massey, Phil Earle, Justin Somper and Harriet Goodwin.

We also run competitions, awarding prizes and certificates, to encourage our students to read for pleasure.

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