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Cabin Fever, Sophie B - Student BLOG

Welcome to our student BLOG, our first two entrants were sent in BEFORE Christmas, but our new website wasn't quite ready so we are only just able to post them now, I think you will agree that it is beautifully written by Sophie.

If you would like to contribute to the school BLOG please do speak to Miss Hall who will let you know what the topic of the fortnight is! Over to you Sophie.....

Cabin Fever

Trapped. Trapped inside our houses, trapped inside our minds. Walls form impenetrable barriers that compress every ounce of holiday cheer. We lie there, wishing with every inch of our lonely soul, that we will be rescued from this sea of isolation that floods our fragile minds.

Welcome to Tier 3.

Lockdown impacted us all in an array of negative ways; loved ones were lost, mental stability plummeted and loneliness engulfed us like the tight hugs we longed for. Now we find ourselves here; we are the children forbidden to play as the others laugh and celebrate. Sweet Christmas melodies can only inspire so much festive cheer, until they are smothered by the carols of depression. We wish to be free, we long to be a part of the world again, not barricaded into the place we once called a refuge.

This year has provided nothing but dire circumstances and yet Christmas is supposed to be the light that vanquishes any darkness, but for those in Tier 3, the light simply slipped out of our desperate grasp. It feels as if we are walking on an ocean of happiness, an ocean of reassurance, that we cannot baptise ourselves in.

I truly hope that soon, we will all be freed from the restraints that bind us. I hope our minds will be cleansed of the disheartening darkness that suffocates our souls. Most of all, I plea that loved ones can be reunited and that those who have been lost to the virus, are properly mourned and remembered.

But until then, we will gaze out of our windows, longing to take part in the Christmas cheer.

Sophie B

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