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Christmas In Isolation, Katie P-B - Student BLOG

Welcome to our first EVER student BLOG, our first two entrants were sent in BEFORE Christmas, but our new website wasn't quite ready so we are only just able to post them now, I think you will agree that it is beautifully written by Katie.

If you would like to contribute to the school BLOG please do speak to Miss Hall who will let you know what the topic of the fortnight is! Over to you Katie.....

Christmas In Isolation - Student BLOG

As we all know, Christmas is going to be out of the ordinary this year, but it is still Christmas! Covid may be able to kill our plans to go to markets and carol singing; however, it doesn’t stop us putting up a tree, watching all those festive films and eating lots and lots and LOTS of food.

Christmas for me has always been special, and definitely this year the compassion we all give is the best gift we could ask for. As you get older, people think you are “too old for it all” but it really is the complete opposite. I believe that as you get older, you really understand the true meaning of Christmas. The lights on the tree become glimmers of hope, and the tinsel - so reflective that it gives you a chance to look back on your year. It all becomes more about people than presents, although those socks your Nan always knits are now your favourite thing. Christmas is 100% needed this year. We have all been through so much as a country, and the cheery feeling Christmas brings is second to none.

I understand that for those who have family abroad it is tough, and there has been so many families that have suffered terrible losses this year. My heart really does pour out to you. The films on the TV don’t fill that gap, but occasionally they can help to numb the pain just slightly. I believe that Christmas marks new beginnings and is full of hope. This will be a vital antidote to help us get back to where we were before crisis struck. Restrictions are being lifted for Christmas, giving families a chance to regain lost contact. Just please, all of you, be careful.

The New Year is going to be very odd, but all we can hope is that 2021 is different. This experience has been an awful one, but I think it has made us stronger as a nation. It has shown us that we can tackle anything thrown at us, and that we all ‘have each other’s backs’, and a few restrictions at Christmas will not change this.

This year many festive decorations were put up very early; they look fantastic and have brightened our moods no end. I think it is fantastic! Many of us have had a rubbish year, but as soon as Christmas comes around, it seems that all that negativity and upset disappears. This truly shows that Christmas is magic. Even after all this year has given us, I still feel lucky for what I have. I know it won’t be a “perfect” Christmas, but I believe there is always someone worse off than you.

My little sister is loving all of the antics that our Christmas elf has gotten up to, and I think my Mom is too; even though we can’t have her routine Christmas party, we are still bubbling with excitement. Seeing everyone so happy, regardless of the situation, makes me beam with happiness.

So, even though the atmosphere may not be the same, and the whole family will not be there, please everyone try and have a fabulous Christmas and new year! As it is indeed the best time of the year.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

By Katie P-B

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