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Invictus English Department - Crestwood Student Blog

Each month, Invictus Director of English, Miss Hall, invites year 9-11 students to send in BLOG entries based on certain topics. Look out for the next topic on your VLE (Space, Ello, Edge, Aspire, More +, Wise) and send your entries on to Miss Hall (

Miss Hall then selects a BLOG from each school to appear on each schools website!

Well done to this months winner, an anonymous post....happy reading everyone!

The power of music

Lockdown has genuinely been the hardest part of my life, through the first one I discovered that I had depression. However, there was one thing that kept me alive, music. Throughout history music has been used to celebrate momentous occasions, and ones that we would like to forget. An example of this would be when Italians protested harsh working conditions by singing Bella ciao.

Everyone hears music in their lives thousands of times, whether it’s birds singing, or your Spotify playlist, but regardless of where it comes from, it brings people together. I’m sure most of us can think back to a time when we listened to music, and we felt that special way.

Music really helped me through the first lockdown, and I’m not going to lie this one is a lot harder. But we all have to keep holding on, because they will be a day when everything is ok again. This year I’m really taking on song writing by working with a band of very talented musicians, and producing my own singles. The world is a very divided place at the moment but there’s one thing everyone can relate to: Music.


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