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Senior Prefect BLOG/VLOG - Issue One - How to Cope During Lockdown

Dear students, parents and carers,

Normally by now you would have seen and met our senior prefects many times, they would normally be hosting assemblies, talking at school events and meeting & greeting families at parents evening.

Due to the 'different' nature of this year our senior prefects have decided to serve the school and support their fellow students in a different way. We present to you 'Issue One' of the Senior Prefect BLOG/VLOG. Every few weeks Charlie, Maya, Ellie-Mae and Harrison will write or speak to you with their top tips about general student life, from virtual learning to well being during lock down, and everything in between. We think this is very admiral, and as always we are very proud, we hope you find this series useful!


Issue One - How to Cope During Lockdown

We begin our first issue with a VLOG from our Head Girl, Maya:

Now a written piece from our Head Boy, Charlie:

When I received this unexpected news, it came at a massive shock, with schools being open for majority of this it is not something I thought would be sprung upon me. For many this can come as a massive surprise and send many people in madness or stress. However especially with work and school it is extremely important to stay calm and do as much as you can to help you in the future.
The best way that I have made it work is giving yourself a routine and sticking to it, this gave me a strict way to work and allowed me to complete tasks I was given. Along with this a nice break is a great way that I have been able to keep working to a good ability and in this I have shut down and watched TV or play a bit of football; this is important as it takes away the stress of working.
I have created a good learning environment; it may be difficult at home but try and break away from everyone and everything. I know with a dog and two small sisters that can be a problem. The best thing to do is try your best and block those situations out, have space around you and make it a good place to learn not a stressful one. Have your books and stationery out make it feel like you are at school and ready to learn.
In my spare time I try to get some exercise, whether that be walking a dog or a bit of football. Try and get out and do the same do something you enjoy this takes your mind of things and means you can break away from your screens and do something a bit different. Good luck with the rest of this week!

Our Deputy Head Girl, Ellie, has the following message for you:

And finally, a written piece by our Deputy Head Boy, Harrison:

Hello I am Harrison, Deputy Head Boy at Crestwood School. When I heard the news that Boris Johnson had said that we were going into lockdown again a lot of questions ran through my head. What’s going to happen with my exams? If there aren’t any exams how am I going to get my grade? Will it be safe to go back to school in the near future? I know we all have many questions we want answering at this point but we need to do our part to keep safe.
If anyone has any concerns, worried or stressed my advice would be to make a schedule of your day-to-day life for school. What time to get up every day, what lessons you have each day, what work needs to be completed. This will lower your stress level because you can visually see what you need to do.
Having a good mind set is key to have throughout each day. My advice is to take 5–10 minute breaks now and again just so that you’re not constantly sat down at the computer/ iPad. Another good way to get a good mind set is to meditate for 15 minutes thinking about the positive things in life. Exercising is also good to do as it gets you away from the internet and school, keeps you healthy and active. A good workout would be maybe 20 mins to an hour with a variety of exercises for your body.

We hope you enjoyed this issue, we can't wait to speak/write to you again, in the mean time, stay safe!

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